Indie Book Review: The Species Within by Kimberley Clark

kc1The Species Within (Battles in the Dark Book 1) by Kimberley Clark is about a young huntress who works hard to rid her city of the creatures of the dark that lurk in it. Kira hunts Nostovores (Vampires) and Lycrouds (Werewolves) not only because they have killed those she cares for but she because is special. Kira is a human with the abilities of these dark mythlend creatures.

When the leader of the Lycrouds threatens to awaken an indestructible species that will enslave and destroy all creatures, humans and mythlend alike, Kira is forced to ally with the Nostovores.

Kira is a very strong and amazing female lead with such a dominant personality that you can’t stop reading her story. Kira is a fascinating character in the sense she has all this power from these Mythlends, and she uses the powers she has from them to dispose of them from her city.

She lives with a Mooran, Kuron, a Mythlend creature she tolerates enough to not kill, as his protection is valuable to her. It is interesting reading about him because he isn’t a known species, I don’t think I’ve read a creature like him before this series.

Kuron and Emmerich, a war leader in the Nostovores clan, both have interest in Kira and the more time she spends with them the less she wants to kill them, which in her line of work is a dangerous game to play.

It was at my first Supanova years ago that I first stumbled upon The Species Within. I was drawn to the art work which is beautifully designed. I met the author, Kimberley Clark, who is such an amazing person and has also written more mind-blowing books that you just can’t put down. I read The Species Within in three days and kept annoying Kimberley for the next one.

There are some sexy paragraphs amongst the chapters, but they aren’t over the top like Fifty Shades of Grey, they don’t drag you away from the storyline. There are three books in this series, which I recommend you purchase.

Because addictive, sexy, mind-blowing, mysterious and amazing are the words that come to mind when I describe this book.

by Danica Peck

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Death of a Scene

When I opened up my laptop, my word document was gone.

‘Okay,’ I thought. ‘Don’t panic.’ I went into Word and could see my novel I’ve been working on for about 4 years. Beside it, it said ‘recovered’. Recovered? Recovered from what? Was there a power surge? I went all the way down to the bottom of the text, where I had been working, and began to read.

blank-word-document.jpgThere was about 10,000 words missing…

Not one part of me thought, ‘That’s okay, I can write it again and this time I’ll write it better!’ Nope. My only thought was bailing on the whole book. 20,000 words shy of the 80,000 target and I was giving up. I just could not fathom rewriting 10,000 words. What I lay down on the page, normally stays. I’ll fix up grammar and spelling, but I won’t re-write whole chunks. No way. I’ve done that before, when I was learning to write. I’m not doing it now. And not with this book.

157195302I sat blankly looking at it. I was remembering all the great pages I had written. Should I re-write them now? Quickly, to fix this issue? I remember most things that were written, just not detail. I was about to quickly scramble and write the 10,000 words so I wouldn’t give up. Not long ago I had written a great death scene. It was perfect. The mood was just right. I was very proud of it. I cut it from where it was, to move it, and must have got distracted and never pasted it anywhere. The next day, I couldn’t find it. I knew the computer had shut down and said something about ‘large text still on the clipboard’ or something, but I ignored it.

I re-wrote the death scene, and it just wasn’t the same. I knew most of the details, but when I went to write it, it lost some of its initial glory. I was crestfallen. It’s still in my mind, like a tack, waiting for me to re-write it (again) and try to inject some of the mood it had the first time around. It does feel like killing the same person twice though (sorry character you had to go through that again). I’ve often gone back and read chapters that have been published and thought ‘My god, what was I thinking, that’s horrible…’ but it also works the other way around too. I’ve read paragraphs and thought, ‘Okay, that’s pretty good’. I literally impressed myself.

41A20RZx-WL._SL500_AC_SS350_Minutes ago, I resigned to the fact that this weekend writing session will be the full re-write. Just get it down, go over it on second draft and make it work. I sighed so loudly my neighbours heard it. Then I thought… I’ll check to see if I have a saved copy elsewhere. It was a long shot, but worth looking into. I found an older version, saved for backup. If that was the only copy I had, I would definitely have given up. From the bottom of my screen I saw the title of my book. The date last opened was last weekend. I thought I had already opened it. As I double clicked it, I began watching the page counter rise. Expecting it to stop around the 70,000-word count mark, but it didn’t. It kept going.

It stopped at 77,000. I scrolled down and could see the entire story was there. No re-writes required.

Please, back up your work.


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