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Ouroborus Book Services is an independent publishing collective based in Brisbane, specialising in diverse speculative fiction. We represent the efforts of numerous up-and-coming authors, and as such, we always have a new book just around the corner! Loved one of our books? Following one of our authors? Get to know the rest of our team, and who knows? You might stumble on your next favourite read!

Sabrina RG Raven

profileWith over 10 years’ experience in the independent publishing field, artist, writer, editor and book designer, Sabrina has learned to mix her passion for art, design and the written word not only to create her own works of fiction but to help publish the following authors.

Her art and writing styles vary from fantasy and scifi to portraiture and book covers. Her first two novels co-written with Mitchell Tierney make up two thirds of the Everdark Realms series. She is currently working on book three and her first solo novel, a dystopian teen story Blank.

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Mitchell Tierney

mitchellThe seeds for writing were planted quite early on for Mitchell. He remembers as far back as primary school, raising his hand and asking, ‘When can we do story writing?’ It came somewhat as a surprise that he found himself wanting to write books, rather than do his uni study. He has written over 12 books, all ranging from adult literature to young adult fantasy and sci-fi. After countless years of writing and a stack of rejection letters, he finally found a home with Ouroborus Books. He has just finished his portion of the Everdark Realms series and released his first solo work Heather Cassidy and the Magnificent Mr Harlow. He is currently working on his magnum opus series – Elephant Stone, as well as working on several adult books which include Children of the Locomotive and Homeless Astronaut.

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Shayla Morgansen

shaylaShayla can’t explain how she finds time to get anything done, though people often ask. A classroom teacher of darling Year 2s, a Masters student in publishing and an occasional editor, she also writes urban fantasy series The Elm Stone Saga. ‘Chosen’, ‘Scarred’ and ‘Unbidden’ are the first three in a series of six young adult titles centring on modern Irish sorceress Aristea’s apprenticeship to a traditional governing magical council. In her slivers of spare time, Shayla watches classic science fiction, tries to learn foreign languages, reads too much fanfiction and plays the Sims. And writes.

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Danica Peck

18601618_10158731586890416_1438057651_nDanica has been writing for as long as she can remember – she prefers getting lost in her imagination over dealing with reality. She released her first novel, Battles of Azriel: Lost Worlds in March 2016. She is now working on more books for the Battles of Azriel series and a few standalones. In her spare time Danica enjoys spending time with her friends, travelling the world, conquering the challenge of rock climbing and yoga, and finding refuge at the beach.

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Battles of Azriel Book ecover

M.A. Clarke

Copy of 20070908_SAB_0117Having always had an active imagination, it’s no surprise that Mel have found joy in fiction. She has been writing almost as long as she has been reading and has been rewarded by a few small prizes and local awards. Writing is usually its own reward though to her. The first book in her Riders’ War series Battle For Today is currently out with the rest of the series in production.

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Robert James Barlow

RobRobert James Barlow has spent his entire life telling stories. When it eventually occurred to him to start getting paid for it, he became an author. He writes sci-fi and fantasy, and has just completed his first novel, Order of the Lost. He currently lives in Brisbane, where he writes business profiles and speeches to support his three-a-week reading habit and sizable collection of geek paraphernalia.

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Amanda Geisler

amandaAmanda has been a dedicated reader since a young age, always searching for new material to devour. She began writing short stories at the age of 9, musing over the worlds she created before she began exploring the world of novels during her teen years. She is an enthusiastic reader and writer of young adult, fantasy and paranormal novels. The White Wolf Trilogy has been Amanda’s foundation project, writing and rewriting as she honed her skills until she came up with a finished novel. The first book of this trilogy, The Stray, is due to be released later in 2017, with the consecutive books in the two years following. She also has many other projects that she intends to explore and create as she embarks through her writing journey with Ouroborus Books. Besides writing, Amanda studies part-time to become a teacher of high school English and Mathematics, and until graduating she’ll continue writing and enjoying her day job in the child care industry.

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Annalise Azevedo

annaliseAnnalise has been writing creative stories since 2008. Her early writings were mostly developed through her English classes, improving on her own since then. She focuses primarily on fictional writing, branching into various genres. Her current project is the Sacred Stone series, which is divided up into six books. The first book, ‘Reflection of Fire’, is due for release late 2017 followed by its sequels in the coming years. She also has many other projects in the works as she continues her publishing journey with Ouroborus Books.

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