Here’s your first clue!


Look for me! Find me! I’m on my way!

I’ll meet you at this place on a Saturday

It’s colourful and large and a holder of books

I’ll be somewhere outside, so you’ll really need to look

It’s a garden of benches, giant baubles and trees

It’s got places for your cravings for coffee and tea

It’s wide and well-loved and it’s not too bare

But most importantly, it’s a great big square!

Where Am I?


Know the answer? Be at the above place on Saturday Dec 1 2012 11am-2pm

and you might just find a free book waiting for you!


Good luck, book lovers and happy hunting!

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Hi Book Fiends!

This December Ouroborus books invites you to join The Great Ouroborus Books Treasure Hunt!

Three free signed copies of Everdark Realms – Book 1: The Darkening are going to be left in 3 separate locations somewhere in Brisbane. It could be anywhere! It could be a park, or a bench, or a beach or a unicorn. Okay, maybe not a unicorn, an alpaca sure, just not a unicorn. They’re busy.

The first person who finds a book gets to keep it. Yep, a free signed copy of our latest release. It’s that easy!

Clues about where the books will be left will be put up on our site, on Twitter and on Facebook and also in some bookstores. Just look out for the above Ouroborus Books logo!

And just because we’re super excited about our treasure hunt and can’t wait to get excited – the first super awesome signed book will be released on Saturday Dec 1, 2012.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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